5 Unique Gifts for a Baby or Toddler by Child to Cherish

5 Unique Gifts for a Baby or Toddler by Child to Cherish

Shopping for little ones isn’t easy, especially when it comes to toys. Buying a toy that a child will love to play with and preserve it too, can leave you overwhelmed with unending options or maybe even clueless. If you’re hunting unique baby gifts, you can’t be sure if someone will not choose the same gift. However, there are a variety of different gifts that you can personalize to impart them with a unique value.

At the Child to Cherish gift store, you’ll find cool gifts for babies and toddlers. We have a great collection of personalized gifts for growing babies. Our experts have crafted the best gifts that have been loved by lots of babies and kids. You can find a special gift for your little one and even gift some other baby. These gifts will leave a lasting impression on a child’s mind and the best part is they can be preserved as a precious memory too.

Our treasures of gifts include the choicest of products for every baby, toddler, and kid. Inspire and take your little one into a playful dreamland with these unique baby gifts. Here are 5 unique baby gifts for your baby and toddler:


  1. A Block to Grow On
    A Block to Grow On™ is the perfect child’s keepsake. Not only does this amazing work of art allow you to write on its exterior all of the memorable events that took place in your children’s lives, it also doubles as a bank.Meanwhile, the outside can be covered with pictures, dates, or stats relating to the memorable events that take place in your child’s life, such as their first words, or the day they first walked. Keep your memories forever with one of our beautiful Blocks to Grown On.
  2. Multi-Tower-of-Time

  3. The Handprint “Tower of Time”
    The Handprint “Tower of Time” is the perfect way to capture a child’s growth and progression. Consisting of five consecutively larger molds in different colors, this tower is perfect for the preservation of the handprint of a child from ages one through five.

    Instead of a conventional baby shower gift that might easily be forgotten, this Tower is sure to leave a lasting impression as a thoughtful and sincere contribution to the budding life of your friend’s or relative’s child.

  4. Going to grand mom

  5. Going to Grandmas Suitcase
    We all know grandmas love their grand-babies. These “Ready or not Grandma” cute little suitcases make it easy for any little baby to pack up and go to grandma’s!

    Each of ours Going to Grandma’s Suitcase has a cute modern design that is great for any little one to pack their stuff in style and knock at their grandparents’ door for a happy little getaway. The suitcases include matching fleece blankets too!

  6. gift

  7. Baby to Bride Bracelet
    The baby to bride frame comes with a sterling silver bracelet with pearls and a lucky penny. It is intended for the bracelet to be used when the girl is a baby and the lucky penny is to put in her shoe when she becomes a bride.

    It comes with a beautiful poem and instructions on the back. It’s a perfect way to celebrate a girl’s christening.

  8. 6311RD_Red_Apron_No_Box

  9. Crayon Apron with Box
    Kids love crayons and lose them often. These easy to wear crayon aprons are the perfect solution to every child’s woes of losing their favorite colors. These pink and red cotton aprons have white trims and crayon pockets. They include washable Crayola brand crayons.

    The pink cotton apron comes with a confetti print carrying box with handle. The red cotton apron includes a Kraft box and a carrying handle.


Brighten up your little one’s world a little with these unique baby gifts and keepsakes. They are a treasure your child will cherish as much as you cherish them!

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