Mom, Why Is it called a Piggy Bank?

Mom, Why Is it called a Piggy Bank?

While discussing our products during a brainstorming session, our team came up with a very sweet and interesting story. So we knew we must share it with you.

On her 4th birthday, Jennie had received quite an interesting gift from her mom. It looked like a piglet. Mom said it’s not a toy, it’s a piggy bank.

Pink Piggy Bank

Mom said she could slip in the money she gets inside the piggy bank until it’s full. Once it is full, she can smash it and buy a bike with the money she saves.


Jennie was super thrilled and happy. But still, she seemed a bit confused about something.


Curious little Jennie came up to her mom holding her glossy little piggy bank tightly against her chest. Mom couldn’t help falling in love with her little fairy yet again. But she was a bit scared inside as she could see a question in her baby’s eyes.

“What is it this time?” she anxiously thought to herself.

Questions of a four year old have often baffled the geniuses of the world. They generally are never interested in ‘what’ or ‘how’. They just want to know ‘why’. That’s the catch.

As she had expected, Jennie’s question left her speechless. She had no clue what to say.


The question was – “Mom, why is it called a piggy bank?”

Mom thought for a while and then answered, “Because it looks like a pig, so piggy, and it stores money, so bank.”

Grinning with a sense of achievement, mom wasn’t aware that this secret celebration in her head was going to last just a few seconds. To ruin it, the next question arrived.

“But why does it look like a pig, mom?”


Now this was getting serious. It’s not that easy to convince a four year old, you see?

“It’s ok to let your baby know that you don’t really know all the answers in the world.” Mom thought to herself. She took a deep breath and answered with an apologetic smile, “Sorry sweetie. The truth is that I don’t really know. C’mon, let’s ask grandma!”

It was a regular practice for mom and Jennie.

Grandma was old, wise and knowledgeable. She had a huge treasure of age old stories. She had answered almost 90% of Jennie’s ‘why’s’. So mom took Jennie to grandma’s place looking for the answer. As soon as grandma heard the question, a smile lit up her face.


“It’s an enchanted old story, full of mysteries,” she began.


“Centuries ago, in the faraway lands of western Europe, there lived a powerful Sea God called Manannán Mac Lir. He owned several magical things”


“He had a horse called Aonbar that could ride swiftly through the strong waves of the sea, a ship called ‘wave sweeper’ that could sail without any efforts, a sword that was miraculous, a cloak that could change colors and many more such extraordinary possessions.”


“Among all of his precious belongings, was his magical herd of pigs. These pigs were blessed with a unique quality. They could renew themselves as soon as they were consumed. Because of them, Manannán never faced a crisis of food.”


“Wow!” both mom and Jennie exclaimed dipped in awe.

“Since then pigs are known as a symbol of good luck, fertility and abundance.”

Grandma glanced at Jennie’s gif and continued speaking, “This little piggy bank will help you save and with this by your side, you will never run out of money. Apart from that, once you smash it, you can always get the exactly same one back. And this is why my dear, it is called a Piggy bank!”

Jennie giggled with joy and kissed her grandma’s cheek in delight. She seemed happy, content and all the more in love with her little piggy bank now.


Mom was happy to see her child convinced with the fabled answer. They stood up to leave. As Jennie hopped and skipped out of the door, mom stopped to softly whisper in grandma’s ears –
“Mom, seriously, why is it called a piggy bank?”

Grandma laughed and whispered to mom, “No one really knows. There are many stories, myths and beliefs. Out of all of them, this piece from Irish mythology happens to be my favorite.”

Mom smiled in consent. Both the daughters thanked their respective moms and walked back home with a fresh perspective on lovable little piggies.

Majority beliefs say that it got its name from orange colored clay called ‘pygg’. In early ages people used to store money in pots made up of pygg. That is where it got its name from. However, there is no solid proof for any of the theories. We believe this one will be most loved by children. So if your little one ever asks you this question, you have a dreamy tale to tell them.

We hope that you liked our story. Please don’t hesitate to share your views thoughts, experiences with us in the comment box. If you would want us to build a story around any of our other products, please do suggest.


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