Summer Homework: Pros, Pros and More Pros

Summer Homework: Pros, Pros and More Pros

The debate about giving children summer homework will continue to rage on. While the majority of those asked are against it, those who are for it have valid reasons to back up their way of thinking. Depending on the type and volume of homework being given, most kids don’t mind the extra diversion as long as it doesn’t take away from their time outside.

Here are some of the ways in which summer homework can make the upcoming school year easier for your children:

  • Helps Students to Retain Information

Helps Students to Retain Information
Summer homework helps students retain information they gained over the last school year. Without the reinforcement lessons during the summer, the information may be lost during the time spent away from the classroom. Keeping the knowledge fresh in their minds will allow them to move forward as soon as the fall semester rolls around, instead of spending the first few weeks re-learning what they lost.

Keeps Their Minds as Busy as Their Bodies
Giving children homework during the summer months keeps their minds stimulated. Summer activities give children ample opportunity to burn off any excess energy they may have. It is important to keep a child’s mind as active and focused as their bodies. Providing them the opportunity to focus on different types of problems helps with mental clarity and improves decision making skills.

Offer Lessons Based on the Season
If you are going to offer homework, make sure it is something that goes along with the season. Find activities and lesson plans that are geared towards specific tasks like gardening, storytelling or biology. Make the lessons fun and exciting. It gives them a reason to want to learn and makes the projects fun to complete.

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