Handpainted Piggy Banks

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Handpainted Piggy Banks and

Unique Keepsakes

At Child to Cherish™ we’re passionate about preserving the innocence of every child. We design and develop keepsake gifts and collectibles. We believe in Family, Friends and Faith. Take one look and you know our quality and design is second to none.

Lasting Memories


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Piggy Banks for kids are the go-to child keepsake- for good reason! After What better way is there to teach children the value of self-denial and saving up money for a rainy day? Piggy banks for kids aren’t just a gift that you give to rid yourself of an obligation, they’re a genuinely useful keepsake that kids can actually use to learn lessons that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Child to Cherish’s piggy banks for kids give you the chance to teach kids the money smarts they need to take on tomorrow. The best thing is that these piggy banks also serve as mementos to their past that they can look back on fondly when they grow up!