Plaster Handprint Directions (7 oz)

*Please read entire directions first*

Plaster Handprint

Directions for tins #4 and 5 (7 oz)

Safe and non-toxic   Just add water

Please follow directions carefully-DO not deviate


  1. Measure 6 tablespoons of water at room temperature into bowl. (Bottled water is preferred, but not necessary. DO NOT USE HOT WATER.)
  2. Add plaster slowly, stirring constantly, making sure there are no lumps. Mixture should be of toothpaste consistency. You will use all the plaster.


  1. Pour mixture into tin and tap tin on table until mixture is level. (Use only the tin base provided, do not substitute)
  2. Test immediately by pressing your child’s clean moist hand into plaster. If still too soft, tap level and try again, until you get a good impression. (DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED, MAY HARDEN QUICKLY. YOU HAVE APPROXIMATELY 5 MINUTES FROM WHEN THE WATER IS ADDED, UNTIL TOO HARD TO GET GOOD IMPRESSION.)
  3. Wash your hands and the hands of the child immediately. IMPORTANT: let mold dry uncovered for at least 1 week to insure proper curing.

We understand that it is difficult sometimes for a child to cooperate in making a handprint. If you are unsuccessful, take plaster out of tin immediately (before hardening) and we will replace the plaster for the shipping and handling charge of $5.00. Send check to Perine Lowe Inc PO BOX 533, Brea CA 92822. You can also go to and search product code “RP7.0 “and order online. Feel free to call (800)776-7002 for any questions.


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